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As the internet continues to rise in popularity, so does the number of activities that you can participate in online. Online, you can shop, play games, listen to music, and watch videos. If you are looking for a fun, but relatively inexpensive way to enjoy the internet, you should examine online video websites.

Online video websites are websites that allow you, an internet user, to watch the videos that they have posted. These video types often include homemade videos, celebrity interviews, popular television shows, as well as music videos.

For ages, rating systems have been used to track what television watchers like to watch and what shoppers like to buy. Now, thanks to online video websites, especially those that allow you to rate their videos, you can also make your points known online.

Not everyone takes advantage of these rating systems, even though they should. This is largely due in part to the fact that many internet users do not think that it is worth the time to rate the online videos that they have just finished viewing; however, this simply is not true.

Perhaps, the best reason for rating the videos that you watched online is that it may make the video owner proud, especially if they are “normal,” individuals who are just experimenting with a camera.

Depending on the online video website in question, you should quickly be able to rate a video, literally without even having to think about doing so.

It is also a good idea to rate the videos that you have watched online, especially if you liked them a lot. Many individuals make an online video, there are many who decide not to make another.

By giving an online video you watch a positive rating, you will be letting the owner know that you liked their work.

In addition to stating that you liked or disliked an online video, it is important that you rate the videos that you watch online, well for ratings.

Many online video websites, including YouTube and Google Video, rank their videos. Many online video websites display their top ranking videos right on their main page.

It isn’t amazing what a simple click of a mouse could do? As you can easily see there are a number of benefits to ranking online videos, especially ones that you enjoyed watching.

Visualize to Succeed Social Media Marketing






Success means different thing to different people. Some may think that to succeed you must be a good parent. Others will think that to succeed means that your bank balance is a million dollars or more.

While others have a much more simpler approach– they think that if they wake up still breathing, then they’ve succeeded.

Regardless of what your definition is for Success, they all have one thing in common– they first began as a thought.

Every human striving for the elusive Success Experience all imagined what success needs to be for them.

They chose at a subconscious level what it will take for them to feel that they have succeeded in their life.

At this point most of us stop using our minds to picture Success, and start using it to figure out a way to get there.

The tragedy is that to get ‘there’, you must continually use your mind to see the end result.

Here’s an example. You are a professional sports player, and all your life you have wanted to be the person holding the trophy at the end of the season, having worked with your team to beat the other players in the competition.

The idea came to you when you were 9 years old. And since then, you have gone to bed each night imagining yourself holding that trophy and seeing yourself having completed the task that will make you a Success.

Well, at least one (and most likely thousands more) very famous athlete did just that. Michael Jordan thought constantly about winning the NBA championship, and this set him on a path that saw him become one of the most dominating players in the basketball game ever seen.

Turning on the power in your brain to see what the result is that you want to achieve is the fuel that will drive your actions.

Not only does visualizing your ultimate result in your mind give you the energy to chase after the goal, it prepares yourself for the eventual outcome of success.

Because you have thought and worked and strived toward your ultimate goal for so long, when it eventually comes your way, you know in the very depth of your being that you deserve it.

You have every right to enjoy the money, accolades, compliments, and praise that your successful result will bring.

Instead of reacting to your success with shock– the

“What Do I Do Now” Syndrome– you will accept your success as totally normal. You have seen yourself achieving this result for years, so it is about time?

How do you work on visualizing your success?

The good news is you already do what is needed for this to work. You daydream. Sounds a bit weird, I know, but spend time imagining yourself doing the thing or having the thing that you have determined to equal success.

If it is having a wonderful family, you imagine that – the peaceful home environment, the well-adjusted children, and the confident and assured parent that you are.

If Success for you is running a large organization, see yourself in your office (or favorite beach), your staff members working hard and happily on their tasks, with happy customers and clients calling you about how they enjoy your service immensely.

By spending time each week seeing in your mind yourself reaching the Success you want, you are mentally preparing yourself for that event. And in doing so, your body reacts to it in the only way it can– it starts to act out what the mind wants.

It will start to find ways that it can achieve this vision in your mind, because the body and mind are two parts of the same coin. What one wants, the other has to.

Even if you don’t believe in any of that mind-body stuff, it is fun seeing yourself doing what you so desperately want to do (or be, or have), and will help to motivate you to achieve your goals.

Rocket Busta Radio Music As An Expression Of Identity

Watch video on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/qstECOo8S5Y

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Rocket Busta Radio Music As An Expression Of Identity

Watch video on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/qstECOo8S5Y

via Bilco Royers

Small Business Security and Recovery Plan



Whether you realize it or not, your business has valuable information and assets that probably are not protected right now. Your business likely has confidential client information, proprietary business knowledge or just internal knowledge that you wouldn’t want to be exposed to criminals or competitors.

The loss of this information could have a devastating impact to your business. While business insurance is an important part of your protection, it can not protect clients from identity theft or your business from unscrupulous employees or competitors.

No matter how big or small, your business needs to have a security and recovery plan in place that determines what risks you have, helps protect against those risks and sets plans in place to handle the most likely types of losses you may experience. Your plan should also look at the both the ‘physical’ and the ‘virtual’ aspects of your business.

Start by considering the types of risks to which your business may be vulnerable. What if your business information was lost or stolen? Do you have customer files or records, tax receipts, bank statements, business plans, customer work products?

Next, consider the physical aspects of your business that may be vulnerable. Do you have unique office equipment, inventory, computers or trade specific tools?

Look at how you do business. Do you rely on technology, the internet or employees with unique skills? Does your business model depend on repeatable processes that are unique to your business?

Now, consider what would happen to your business if these parts of your business were lost, destroyed or stolen. Could you continue operating if you lost your client files? Could you be sued by customers if their personal information was exposed?

Could you be the target of negative publicity? Could your competitors benefit if they gained access to the information? What if you lost email access for a day? What if that key employee suddenly left for another job? What if your office space caught fire or was flooded?

Your security and recovery plan should put in place the safeguards and policies and procedures to prevent some of these risks and the potential to negatively impact your business. Physical access to buildings is relatively easy to control although most small business have little more than a lock on the front door. Should you consider locking file drawers? Is inventory controlled? Does every employee have access, even to things that are not part of his or her job? Could a disgruntled or fired employee return to the workspace after hours with an extra key copy?

Your plan should consider how to protect the ‘virtual’ parts of your business. Do you have internet and email usage policies in place to protect your employees form harassment charges?

What about remote employees or workers who ‘take work home?’ In today’s highly mobile environment vital business information can now be easily accessed outside of your physical controls?

Do your employees know how to safeguard laptops, cell phones, flash drives or even print outs of business information once they leave your workspace? What if a laptop is stolen from a worker’s car or home or hotel room? Do you have a backup of the data that was on the laptop?

What if your employees are accessing your information from a coffee shop Wi-Fi? How do you know if your clients and business are protected?

Your security and recovery plan should consider how you would handle the most likely losses. If the computer that holds all your sales information crashes, you should probably have a plan to immediately restore that information from a backup. Where is the backup tape or disk kept?

Who has access to it and most importantly, who knows how to restore a backup? If you office is flooded, how quickly can you relocate? Can some employees work from home or other remote locations temporarily? If client information is stolen, do you have a way to contact them?

Most small business owners likely have taken first steps like purchasing insurance and putting locks on the front door. Few have taken the time to really understand the potential risks to their business.

Taking the time now to at least put together an informal plan will go a long way in the event of a real disaster or other loss. Even the best planning obviously won’t protect against all disasters but it can certainly lessen the impact to your business once one occurs.


Effect Of Social Media On Culture Tips Tools Chinoki

Clearly a brand-new a single person business advertising and marketing in social media is going to target regional businesses with a wish to entice brand-new clients but remain participated in the brand-new popular medium.

This implies handling social media sites marketing campaigns for neighborhood restaurants, stores, as well as other solutions in your area. When making your marketing pamphlets promoting your brand-new business nonetheless you have to have a social media sites marketing strategy in thoughts – a pitch to offer to your possible clients.

What good is starting a social media advertising business if you do not have a system in thoughts you are going to make use of to sustain long-term campaigns for your clients, right? It befits you to discover the strategies of automating social media sites projects so your brand-new firm does not acquire overwhelmed by its own success.

As soon as you have a system in place and also have learned how you are visiting manage it regional shops will certainly have confidence in your capacity to handle their mlm initiatives.

Equally as tv transformed a country of folks who heard media material into spectators of media content, the introduction of social networks has actually developed a nation of media content creators. Baseding on 2011 Pew Research data, nearly 80 % of American grownups are on the internet but nearly 60 % of them use social networking websites.

A lot more Americans get their news by means of the Internet than from papers or radio, and also three-fourths which say they obtain news from e-mail or social media sites websites updates, according to a report posted by CNN.

The survey proposes that Facebook and Twitter make information a more participatory encounter compared to in the past as people discuss news articles as well as comment on people’s blog posts.

Baseding on CNN, in 2010 75 % of individuals acquired their news sent via email or social media sites posts, while 37 % of people discussed a news item via Twitter or facebook.

Mobile social media refers to the combination of mobile devices and also social media sites. This is a group of mobile advertising applications that permit the creation but exchange of user-generated content.

Due to the truth that mobile social media sites run on mobile devices, they vary from standard social media sites by integrating new aspects such as the present location of the customer (location-sensitivity) or the moment hold-up in between sending as well as receiving messages(time-sensitivity).

According to Andreas Kaplan, mobile social media sites applications can be separated amongst 4 types:


social media


Brian Nicoletti is the Social media site supervisor for SelfGrowth.com and oversees every one of the business’s presence throughout the social internet.

A previous marketing research expert, Brian saw initial hand exactly how significant gamers in the Financial Services Sector efficiently integrated social media sites into their business models and also exactly how they deal with small companies to help them replicate this success.

He has sought advice from David on all the material in the program and also is dedicated to sharing his expert expertise of all things internet.

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Enjoy the possibility of social media, experiment and play with its possibilities. If you do not believe it’s of worth or intriguing then do not upload it.

Has the light bulb gone on yet? Social media is bringing a feeling of that village connectedness to the larger world. There’s a feeling of openness that may be new to large city individuals however that everybody from a small town recognizes.

There’s a “superficial” friendliness that does not imply that someone is a confidant, yet that makes a brief human link. And there’s the chance to pass along news, an excellent tale, a funny joke, or something intriguing to your friends.

As the name recommends social networks advertising, its technique is very human in attributes i.e. give more in contrast to just what you get. You could say that it is a two-way method.

Primarily thing is to develop strong interpersonal relationship and depend on with your target clients. Look after just what kind of information they are seeking online, also if it is not connected to you, take into consideration passing them on given your business does not obtain affected.

Pinterest And Your Business Or Just Fun Sharing

Pinterest For Fun Or Profit

Pinterest has a few rules of etiquette which we’ll get into in a bit. To sum them up they are:
Be Nice – Pinterest is a community of people. Many people are using Pinterest to organize their inspirations and there’s very little reason to be negative or critical.

2. Credit Your Sources– Per Pinterest, “Pins are the most useful when they have links back to the original source. If you notice that a pin is not sourced correctly, leave a comment so the original pinner can update the source.

Finding the original source is always preferable to a secondary source such as Google Image Search or a blog entry.” We’ll talk a bit more about copyright issues and sourcing your pins later.

3. Avoid Self Promotion– Pinterest is just like any social networking site– blatant self promotion is an unhealthy business practice. You build your community by providing value and creating a connection to your audience– not by promoting yourself and using Pinterest as an advertising site.

4. Report Objectionable Content– Per Pinterest, They do not allow nudity or hateful content. If you find content that is objectionable or violates our Terms of Service you can submit the content for review by pushing the ‘Report Content’ link.”.

It’s easy to report offensive pins . Is Pinterest Right for Your Business’.

Pinterest is a unique, albeit large, community of members. It may not be the ideal social networking site for your business. Here are a few questions to ask before you integrate Pinterest into your social marketing strategy.

Are your Prospects On Pinterest?
We’ve already mentioned that the majority of users are female. According to Modea.com 68.2 % of the users are female. The most popular age bracket for users is 24-34, though 35-44 comes in with a 17.9 % share. 50 % of users have children and a median household income of $100,000. Does that describe your target audience in a nutshell?

If it does then jump on the Pinterest bandwagon quickly!
Pinterest may be for for Your Business or just for fun.

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